October 2022

Greetings Parent Council,

We do NOT want to go on strike – but we may have no choice

An important message to parents – from the Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400*

Parents understandably shudder at the thought of a school strike this Fall. Everyone is exhausted from COVID – parents, education workers, students – everyone. Having children stuck at home for virtual learning has been a severe hardship.

Many education workers are parents and have experienced this first hand. We do not want to deal with more school closures. We want our children in school and we want improvements to supports for student learning!

Like most people, our buying power, our real wages, have been falling behind for years. The price of everything is soaring. Premier Ford seems to have no understanding or sympathy for millions of Ontarians who are in this situation. He has used threats to try to get us to accept raises of only 1.5 or 2 %.

Premier Ford’s treatment of us is a message to all working people in Ontario, “Get ready for an even steeper decline in your standard of living. And, suffer in silence.”

We continue to seek a negotiated settlement, without a strike. We continue to advocate for adequate staffing levels in our schools. Let’s work together to defend and improve our schools!

  • Members of the Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400, in over 400 job classifications,
    support your child’s education. We keep your child’s school safe and clean. We support
    learning in the classroom and we provide a wide range of services to keep schools
    functioning to a high standard.

Please contact our office if you have any questions,

Yours very truly,


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